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How It Works

Create Your Public Resume

Upload your current resume.

Review, edit, and save uploaded content.

Add courses, testimonials, and more detailed skills.

Congratulations you now have a public portfolio.

Post jobs

Your Skills Are Automatically Vetted

Archetypes are awarded depending on collections of skills.

Skills Levels based on the amount of experience per skill.

Add missing skills to experience, projects, and courses as needed.

Gamify our system to become vetted or pivot into specialties.

Find Gigs

Gigs have minimum pay requirements.

Apply to gigs that you are qualified for

Competition to land gigs is lower because of our vetting system.

External gigs are also aggregated into our system.

Download our ATS compatible resume to apply to those.

Use Cases

Gamified, Project Based, Learning

Are you a Senior Engineer that wants to master Software Engineering, AI, Devops, or some other specialty?

Are you a Junior or Aspiring Engineer who wants to be competitive in the current market?

Use our gamified learning system as a guideline for showcasing expertise in several different "archetypes" or roles.

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Find Remote Jobs/Gigs

Our system has both direct jobs and aggregates several remote job rss feeds assigning vetting requirements to each job.

We ensure all jobs are a minimum of ~$50/hr and match one of our archetypes.

Lower Competition For Jobs

If you meet the vetting requirements, you can apply to the job with less competition.

For direct jobs, when you click apply the employer will immediately receive your portfolio, dramatically lowering competition.

For external jobs, if you qualify within Skills Over Paper, you know that your skills are a perfect match and you can use our ATS compatible resume (pdf) so that you pass external screening systems.

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ATS Compatible Resume Downloads

For external jobs, download your ATS compatible resume that references your Skills Over Paper portfolio, and apply to them on the external site.

Our resume template passes ATS screeners and highlights the appropriate skills on your portfolio.

Because of this, you'll also have a very good chance of at least making it to an interview for the job.

Community Blog

We are building a community blog centered around sharing technical content,learning from, and mentoring other devs.

We also have an internal slack you can join after signing up. Just reach out to [email protected].


Personal Branding and Promotion

Coming Soon!

Your Skills Over Paper resume is already public, but we want to take that a step further.

1.) We want to allow Mid-Senior engineers to share courses on our platform, and recommend those courses to the right developers.

2.) We are designing a content sprinkler to automatically post your technical content to several other social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and