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Algorithms for Game and Simulation Development

Game and simulation development involve a combination of various algorithms and mathematical concepts to create immersive and realistic virtual environments. Here are some fundamental algorithms and math used in game and simulation development:1. Physics Simulations:Newtonian Physics: For simulating...
July 2023

Real World Applications of Game and Simulation Development

Game and simulation development have a wide range of real-world applications beyond entertainment. These technologies are used in various industries to solve problems, train personnel, improve processes, and enhance user experiences. Here are some real-world applications of game and simulation devel...
July 2023

Game and Simulation Engines and Tech Stacks

Game and simulation development involves specific frameworks and tech stacks tailored to handle real-time rendering, physics simulations, user interactions, and more. Below are some popular game and simulation frameworks and their associated tech stacks:Game Development Frameworks:Unity: A widely us...
July 2023