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Sensors and Actuators

Providing a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all sensors and actuators is an immense task, as the field of sensor and actuator technology is continually evolving with new innovations and discoveries. Additionally, sensors and actuators can be classified into numerous categories based on their pr...
July 2023

Biomedical Applications of Embedded Systems

Biomedical transhumanism explores the integration of technology with the human body to enhance its capabilities and address various health-related issues. Embedded systems, which are specialized computing systems integrated into devices or objects, play a crucial role in advancing biomedical transhu...
July 2023

Embedded Systems Components and Tools

Embedded systems typically have more specialized requirements due to their resource constraints and real-time nature. While the concept of "frameworks" in the traditional sense may not always apply to embedded systems, there are various software components and tools commonly used in embedded develop...
July 2023

Control Theory basics

Control theory is a branch of engineering and mathematics that deals with the analysis and design of systems to achieve desired behaviors or outputs. It encompasses various algorithms and concepts to control the behavior of dynamic systems. Here are some fundamental algorithms and concepts of contro...
July 2023

Categories of Embedded Systems

Application-Specific Embedded Systems:Automotive: Embedded systems in vehicles for infotainment, safety, engine control, etc.Industrial Automation: Embedded systems used in manufacturing, process control, robotics, etc.Consumer Electronics: Embedded systems in smart TVs, smartphones, home automation...
July 2023

Types of Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are small, self-contained computing devices that integrate a processor (CPU), memory, and peripherals on a single chip. They are commonly used in embedded systems for various applications due to their compact size, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. There are several typ...
July 2023

C vs Embedded C

Embedded C and C are both programming languages, but they are used in different contexts and have some differences in their features and usage:C Programming Language: C is a general-purpose programming language developed in the early 1970s. It is a powerful and widely used language with a rich set o...
July 2023

PLC Programmer vs Embedded Systems Developer

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programmers and embedded systems developers are both essential roles in the field of automation and control systems, but they have different areas of expertise and focus. Here's a comparison between the two:PLC Programmer:Role: PLC programmers specialize in progra...
July 2023