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AI Engineer vs Data Engineer vs Data Scientist

AI Engineer, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist are three distinct roles in the field of data and computer science, each with its unique focus and responsibilities. Understanding the differences among these roles is important for both aspiring professionals and organizations looking to hire. AI Engin...
January 2024

Resources For Learning AI

Online Courses and MOOCs Coursera:Offers courses like "Machine Learning" by Andrew Ng and specializations from institutions like Stanford, University of Washington, and edX:Features AI courses from top universities like MIT and Columbia University, covering topics from machine lear...
January 2024

How To Become An AI Engineer Without a PhD or a College Degree

Becoming an AI Engineer without a PhD or a college degree is challenging but certainly possible, thanks to a plethora of resources available today for self-learning and skill development. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on this journey: Build a Strong Foundation in Mathematics and Programm...
January 2024

100 AI Tools and Software

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Frameworks TensorFlow (by Google) PyTorch (by Facebook) Keras (now part of TensorFlow) Scikit-learn Caffe Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) Theano (discontinued, but was influential) MXNet Chainer Deeplearning4j Natural Language Processing (NLP) NLTK (Natural L...
January 2024

AI Tools for Video Content

As of my last update in September 2021, there are several AI tools and technologies for generating video content. These tools use techniques like deep learning and computer vision to create or modify videos. Here are some popular AI tools for video uses deep neural ...
July 2023

AI Engineer vs Data Scientist

AI Engineer and Data Scientist are two distinct roles in the field of artificial intelligence and data analysis, and they have different responsibilities, skill sets, and focus areas. Here's a comparison between the two:AI Engineer:Role: AI Engineers focus on building and deploying artificial intell...
July 2023

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Here is a thorough listing of some cool AI tools across various categories:1. Machine Learning Frameworks:TensorFlow: An open-source framework by Google for building and training machine learning models.PyTorch: An open-source deep learning framework by Facebook that emphasizes flexibility and ease ...
July 2023