About Skills Over Paper

Hey, I'm Wes Cramblitt, the founder of Skills Over Paper.

Why Skills Over Paper?

Skills Over Paper is an intelligent resume for Software Engineers. I created it to solve a problem I have faced when both interviewing and hiring Software Engineers, and being interviewed and hired myself: Traditional resumes are poor communicators of a Software Engineer's skills.

Software Engineering is very complex, sometimes requiring hundreds of different skills for a single job. Often, the best way to measure an engineer's skill in a certain area is by having the engineer provide and explain a project they created using the skill

Traditional Resumes vs Skills Over Paper

Traditional resumes are more focused on work experience (which is really just "Where" an engineer worked) and education. Although this can be useful if, for example, an Engineer worked at Google as an Android Developer and has a degree in Computer Science, and we want to hire an Android Developer. However, most of the time simply knowing where an engineer worked and what degree they have doesn't accurate portray the engineer's skills

More often, when a company wants an Android Developer, they actually need something more complex such as an Android Developer with experience in a specific set of Devops tools, Some Python knowledge, specific knowledge of certain Android libraries, experience working with healthcare databases, and some basic knowledge of machine learning algorithms.

With a Skils Over Paper resume, a engineer's projects demonstrating those specific skills can be searched for, the company can review the engineers projects manually or in an interview with the Engineer, and the hiring process is dramatically simplified

The perfect engineer for that specific position may not even have a degree, and may have worked for a random software company as a "developer". A traditional resume would not have been very helpful in getting the engineer hired, where as Skills Over Paper made it seamless.

Engineers learning new skills

Taking this a step further, many times in an engineer's career, new libraries, frameworks, languages, techniques come out that the engineer must learn to stay relevant. With Skills Over Paper as a resume, the engineer can complete "Proof of Concept" projects to learn the tech and share them. There is no real place to add those kinds of projects to a traditional resume.

For Employers and Engineers

Both employers and engineers can sign up for Skills Over Paper.

Employers can post jobs requiring specific skills, and only engineers with projects showcasing those skills may apply to the job.

Engineers, can build a resume showcasing projects and degrees and view and apply to jobs they qualify for. An engineers resume is also publically ranked on google for the world to see.

Closing Thoughts

I'm always upgrading the site, and I am open to feature requests and questions.

You can email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you when I can.